Lukas BorisovasStart-Up Life

We Believe That We Can Change How People Snack At Work (PART 2)

Read the first part HERE. Snacks are not healthy They can be, if you have time. And time is probably the only thing we constantly lack of. Our lives contains of many different worlds: family, friends, work etc. And in every each of it we try to bring our best. We try to do it all. Just think, how often do we use word ‘busy’? Does it define us? For example,… [ READ MORE ]

Lukas BorisovasStart-Up Life

We believe that we can change how people snack at work (Part 1)

“The difference between the vision and a hallucination: they call it a vision when other people can see it.” Think about it. This sentence, I think, originally was said by Ben Horowitz, a well-known businessman, investor, author etc. I think that is probably the best description of the “vision”, I have ever heard. And when I first heard it, I realized that this is what I want to talk with… [ READ MORE ]

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5 Things Every Beverage Start-Up Should Know Before Entering Retail Market

At the end of September together with Hello Hungry team had an opportunity to participate at DrinkPreneur Live 2015, London – exclusive event for beverage industry professionals and startups. There were speakers from different fields of expertise, panel discussions on various relevant topics, startup pitch challenge etc. Amongst speakers and participants, you could find representatives of biggest retailers in UK (Tesco, Waitrose), investors, packaging designers, R&D specialists and more. Today… [ READ MORE ]

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